Great Joy among winemakers - Burgenland's 2015 vintage

Looking back on the 2014 vintage with all of its challenges and difficulties, it almost seems as if mother nature wanted to offer the year 2015 as an apology to Burgenland’s winemakers for last year’s laborious harvest. As it happened, 2015 came pretty close to being an ideal vintage.

Burgenland is one of the best wine travel destiantions in the world

Beyond its natural beauty, Burgenland is a true haven for wine lovers” writes the prestigious Wine Enthusiast magazine in this year's Febrary issue, in which it presents the world's ten best wine travel destinations, counting Burgenland among them.

[Translate to English:] Bild 1: Vinothek Vinimka, Jan Spener und Christian Zechmeister im Gespräch
Bild 2: von der Österr. Botschaft Regina Rusz, Bürgermeister Edelstal Gerald Handig, LR A. Liegenfeld, Handelsdelgegierter P. Sagmeister

The great Wein Burgenland wine show in Bratislava!

Burgenland's wine industry put on a great show in Bratislava. Attracting a record-breaking number of more than 1.000 visitors.......


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