Burgenland wines - Vintage 2014

In conclusion: 2014 wines from Burgenland were hard to make - but they’re certainly a pleasure to drink!



What Burgenland's Winemakers say about the 2014 vintage

Winery Pittnauer, Gols
2014 was probably the most challenging year we have ever had to face in our history as winemakers. This was largely due to difficult weather conditions. Nonetheless, we took on the challenge and have possibly created the most light-footed, vibrant and exciting vintage to ever come out of our winery.


2014 - First report of the vintage

High Amounts of Rainfall Spawns Heavy Workload in the Vineyards


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Neusiedlersee DAC
Leithaberg DAC
Mittelburgenland DAC
Eisenberg DAC

Neusiedlersee DAC Eisenberg DAC Rosalia Leithaberg DAC Mittelburgenland DAC
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