While worldwide 2017 saw the lowest level of wine production in years, Austria was able to record a harvest that was very good in terms of quality and also blessed by abundant volume. The yield of 2.6 million hl (according to October’s third harvest estimate) amounted to a quarter above the five-year average, which will go a long way to filling cellars that in many places have been rather empty. True, there were late frosts in 2017 as well as hailstorms, but both caused substantially less damage than in the previous year. Only the Weinviertel experienced a more modest harvest compared with the average, due to extremely arid conditions in one of the hottest summers in a long time.

Austrian wine-growing estate sweeps the board at the Oscar of the Wine Trade in London

Tremendous success for the siblings Peter and Christoph Münzenrieder, co-owner of the Weingut PMC Münzenrieder in Burgenland, Austria: at the International Wine Challenge (IWC), the world’s most prestigious wine competition, the Sweet Winemaker of the Year 2017 was awarded to the sibling-duo from Apetlon. 

Good things come in small packages! Winemaking is a never-ending learning process that never fails to keep the suspense alive. Take, for example, last year’s unusually fickle weather that swept across the vineyards from Lake Neusiedl all the way to Southern Burgenland. The 2016 vintage was a source of much trepidation for Burgenland’s winemakers, who had to put in a great deal of work and were ultimately rewarded with only small yields. Still, the harvest season in late summer went quite smoothly thanks to perfectly ripe and healthy grapes, resulting in fruity red wines full of complexity and structure.



What winemakers say about the 2016 vintage …

Reinhold Krutzler (Krutzler Winery), Deutsch Schützen

This year gives us top-notch white and red wines of excellent quality, albeit in rather small quantities here in the Eisenberg region.



... the wine industry secures one in 17 jobs in Burgenland

... EUR 234 million of gross value added in Burgenland in 2014 despite very small harvest

... Fiscal authorities, trade, hotels and restaurants & tourism benefit most from the wine industry

... Positive development thanks to focus on quality and meticulous work







...are the perfect way to enjoy autumn in all its glory

A gentle mist rises from the waters of Lake Neusiedl in the early mornings, the air is crisp and clean, and a nice dry breeze wafts across the wide-open spaces of the Pannonian Plain during the day. With the harvest in Burgenland’s vineyards drawing to a close, many cellars are already well-stocked with the choicest wines of the year. What a lovely way for Burgenland to welcome its guests in November.

Anna Reichardt from Donnerskirchen was crowned Anna I, Wine Queen of Burgenland by Andreas Liegenfeld, President of the Regional Viticulture Association of Burgenland


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