... the wine industry secures one in 17 jobs in Burgenland

... EUR 234 million of gross value added in Burgenland in 2014 despite very small harvest

... Fiscal authorities, trade, hotels and restaurants & tourism benefit most from the wine industry

... Positive development thanks to focus on quality and meticulous work







...are the perfect way to enjoy autumn in all its glory

A gentle mist rises from the waters of Lake Neusiedl in the early mornings, the air is crisp and clean, and a nice dry breeze wafts across the wide-open spaces of the Pannonian Plain during the day. With the harvest in Burgenland’s vineyards drawing to a close, many cellars are already well-stocked with the choicest wines of the year. What a lovely way for Burgenland to welcome its guests in November.

Anna Reichardt from Donnerskirchen was crowned Anna I, Wine Queen of Burgenland by Andreas Liegenfeld, President of the Regional Viticulture Association of Burgenland


On Saturday, 25 June 2016, more than 150 vine sponsors and friends of the St. Georgen vine gathered in St. Georgen am Leithagebirge to taste “their” first wine produced from that grape variety in hundreds of years.


Looking back on the 2014 vintage with all of its challenges and difficulties, it almost seems as if mother nature wanted to offer the year 2015 as an apology to Burgenland’s winemakers for last year’s laborious harvest. As it happened, 2015 came pretty close to being an ideal vintage.

Beyond its natural beauty, Burgenland is a true haven for wine lovers” writes the prestigious Wine Enthusiast magazine in this year's Febrary issue, in which it presents the world's ten best wine travel destinations, counting Burgenland among them.

Burgenland's wine industry put on a great show in Bratislava. Attracting a record-breaking number of more than 1.000 visitors.......

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