Sweet wines - Burgenland´s liquid gold

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The special micro climate around Lake Neusiedl (Neusiedler See), together with the high number of sunshine-days in Burgenland, offer ideal conditions for the development of botrytis cinerea (noble fungus), which is necessary for the production of most sweet wine styles. The great variety of sweet wines includes different styles, production techniques and tastes.

Spätlese & Auslese wines are very aromatic and fruity wines with a balanced sweetness-acidity-relation. Those wines persuade with clear aroma, perfect balance on the palate and sensational value for money.

Beerenauslese, Ausbruch & Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA) are all affected by the concentration of botrytised grapes. Botrytis cinerea leads to lightly smoky honey-notes and dried fruit aromas. The present residual sugar content is well balanced by an elegant acidity play.

Stroh- & Schilfweine (straw and reed wines) are produced out of grapes that have been dried on straw or reed for a couple of months. These wines satisfy with ripe fruit aromas and are similar in concentration to a Beerenauslese. To produce ice-wine you have to be patient and prepared to take some risks as the grapes for ice-wines are harvested and pressed while they are still frozen.

Great sweet wines from Burgenland hold incredible potential, especially when it comes to culinary match-making. The classic and most frequent pairing is with desserts. Austrian sweet dishes in particular demonstrate how a great Prädikatswein can make the ideal partner. Furthermore, the exceptional longevity of these sweet wines makes them precious and unique gifts.

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